$1 Million In Governor Walz’s Bonding Proposal Could Fund New Manufacturing Department At LSC

The entire project will cost between $12-14 million.

DULUTH, Minn. – Governor Walz recently announced his higher education proposal.

The proposal included nearly $1 million in pre-design funding for new manufacturing labs at Lake Superior College.

LSC’s manufacturing department resides in downtown Duluth, but the program has outgrown the leased space over the years.

If the funding is awarded, it would allow the manufacturing department to move from its current location back to the main campus.

The west wing of the main campus would also be expanded to make room for the program.

“Our enrollment has been growing in this program for many years straight now. As we have seen the numbers through Minnesota DEED, the numbers for our workforce needs in manufacturing continue to grow,” said Vice President of External Relations Daniel Fanning.

“We want to be good community partners to make sure we are meeting those workforce needs.”

The entire project will cost between $12-14 million.

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