KYN: Lost Cove Co. Tattoo

DULUTH, Minn. – The pop-up shop in the Miller Hill Mall is now filled with a *new tattoo shop.

The lost cove co was founded by Minnesota native, and celebrity tattoo artist and MTV start Travis Ross along with his friend Aaron Larson.

The two began collaborating after several months ago when the two met in the Twin Cities.

“I reached out to Travis to get a tattoo of my own. Through meeting with him and talking to him we formed a pretty good bond and started talking production,” Co-Founder, Aaron Larson says.

Other artists plan on stopping by during their time in the mall to help give tattoos. Each one specializing in different styles.

“We really hand-picked these artists to try and make something that was really special for the area,” Co-Founder, Travis Ross says.

They say they want the public to join in part of the unique experience.

“We’re you’re not just going in and out. You get to come in, and be part of a group family. Experience what we’re all about and leave with something you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life,” Larson says.

With a large expansion in mind.

“Eventually, we’re going to open up a flagship store and production office in Los Angeles. So the lost cove is definitely always going to have a home. I don’t see this stopping. I see this growing and growing I think with the team of artists that we have, I think it’s going to keep just pushing itself even if I can’t personally be at a pop up I think we’ll still keep them going,” Ross says.

But just to be back in his home state means the world to this local celebrity.

“To kind of move across the state and make a mark on my home state is huge. My family is freaking out, They love it. A lot of them are down in the twin cities. It’s a proud moment for all of us,” Ross says.

The Lost Cove is currently booked at 100% percent capacity.

However, it does take walk-ins on Saturdays.

The pop- up shop will have its final day on January 31st.

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