St. Louis County Public Works Employees Return to Work After Strike

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn. – St. Louis County Public Works employees are back at work after a six-day strike.

The Teamsters Local 320 approved a new three-year contract Monday night with a unanimous vote.

According to the county, the Teamsters will get wage increases, extra personal leave days, and the chance to shop around for health insurance plans.

County officials tell us it’s been a smooth transition getting the employees back.

“I heard an awesome story out of our Hibbing garage that they basically started with an all staff meeting and when the supervisors walked in, the employees who had been on strike gave them a round of applause. They had good conversation and there were a lot of handshakes and smiles and laughs,” said St. Louis County Communications Manager Dana Kazel.

Union workers say they’re excited to return to their duties serving the people of St. Louis County.

“This is just a matter of getting back out, having that pride to go out there and clean that, cause it’s it’s like having a garage that’s clean, they just have that pride in it.” said Erik Skoog of the Teamsters Local 320.

The new contract expires at the end of 2022. The county board is expected to officially approve it by the end of February.

The county tells us it will not cost taxpayers more money that what the county offered the Teamsters in their ‘Last Best Final Offer’ last week.

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