Old Central High School in Duluth for Sale

The historic building is officially on the market.

DULUTH, Minn. – The old central high school in Duluth is officially on the market.

School district leaders tell us tonight that their goal is to now find out if anyone is interested in buying the historic building.

The Duluth School Board voted on Tuesday to list the building for sale.

Right now, district officials say the building is facing a mountain of problems. Among them, the building not being A.D.A. compliant and the clay tile roof constantly leaking. Problems with air conditioning and heating have also been common.

We spoke to District 4 School Board Chair Jill Lofald about those issues, and she told us updating and maintaining the building would be difficult to pay for.

“It would come out of our long range facility money and we have needs in other buildings in other needs in other areas so it would just be a drain on our finances,” Lofald said.

The restoration of the building itself would be around 48.5 million dollars, but school district administrators tell us they only get about five million a year to maintain all the district buildings.

The school district tells us they don’t have a listing price for the structure.

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