FedEx Warns Consumers Not To Fall For The Latest Text Scam

DULUTH, Minn. – The text you may have received from FedEx asking you to set your preferences for a package delivery may seem legit at first, but it could actually be a scam.

FedEx is warning folks not to fall for the latest trick trying to get personal information from consumers.

The text message includes a bogus tracking number and a link, which leads to an unwanted and unsecured website.

Plenty of people around the country are receiving this text.

Even those working for a shipping and mail center weren’t off-limits.

“We were expecting a package shipped through FedEx at my home. Then I received this text. ,” said Pack and Mail Clerk Paul Biddle. “Just knowing where I work kind of told me there was something funny about it.”

According to the FedEx website, the company does not request personal information through unsolicited communications such as a text message.

If you do receive the text, FedEx asks that consumers report it to their fraud department.

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