Whooping Cough Found in Superior Schools

Health officials say to watch children for symptoms.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Three confirmed cases of whooping cough have been found between Superior Middle and High Schools, and other cases are pending.

The Pertussis virus leads to a harsh cough which could stop breathing in some younger children, causing health officials to urge parents to keep watch.

Whooping cough first shows as common cold symptoms before manifesting in a violent cough, which can shorten breath in younger children, or cause them to stop breathing altogether.

Health officials with Douglas County said to keep watch of your children if they experience cold symptoms, as the bacteria can stay on surfaces for long amounts of time.

“We don’t want people to panic and either pull their kids from school or make demands in their physicians and that kind of thing,” said Kathy Ronchi, Health Officer with Douglas County Public Health. “The tricky part is not knowing is it jusqt the cold or is it pertussis and it’s when it changes when that harsh cough starts, then you know it’s not just a cold.”

Health officials urge pregnant mothers to get the T-DAP vaccine and then follow up with doses for their children after they’re born.

If they do contract whooping cough, unlike the flu, it is treated by antibiotics.

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