Beargrease Broadcast Internationally for First Time

Over 100 countries can view the race this year.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Beargrease is making history this year, as it is the first year the race is being broadcast internationally.

This year the race will be seen in over 100 countries.

Mushers on the North Shore trail are competing with mushers in Norway, Russia, and the Iditarod not only with racing, but by the health of their dogs as well.

According to organizers, that puts a lot of attention on the normally private mushers.

“It’s pretty funny because all of our mushers are introverts, most of them. And they don’t wanna talk to people, they wanna be on the trail with their dogs,” Race Spokesperson Monica Hendrickson said. “But they’re embracing it I think they’re loving talking to people.”

“Once you get people talking about their dogs, they don’t wanna stop.”

You can watch the Beargrease live on their website, where you can also find links to the other races happening worldwide.

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