A New Medical Center Specializing in Regenerative Medicine Opens In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – A new medical center has opened in Duluth.

Novus Health Solutions is Duluth’s first regenerative medical center aiming to provide alternatives to how people receive healthcare.

Regenerative medicine is a brand new approach used to help the body repair itself.

With the use of this type of medicine, this new medical facility may give people the chance to live better and healthier lives.

Novus Health Solutions, which is nestled along Maple Grove Road, is the first of its kind in this area, to tap into a growing field of medicine.

The new medical center offers a variety of treatments including the use of stem cell therapies to help heal the body from injury and disease.

Most notably, they also offer an innovative procedure called ultra-slim. It is a non-invasive treatment to reduce fat using warm red light.

“Our mission is to provide alternative services that help people optimize the way they feel and really enhance their quality of life,” said Director of Nursing Susan Maras.

Much of the health care provided at Novus are treatments that most people don’t have access to.

As regenerative medicine continues to grow, Novus’ Medical Director says it was important to address the need in Duluth.

“We just think this is going to be the leading edge of medicine in Duluth,” said Medical Director Dr. Jay Huber. “The market here and the people here don’t have this being offered. We decided to try to offer that those people that need the care.”

The medical director also says the access is so limited that much of the regenerative treatments offered at Novus, are procedures people likely travel for. In most cases internationally.

The cost of the procedures depends on what a person’s needs are.

Novus offers free consultations for anyone interested in their regenerative services.

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