Superior Middle School Students Compete in Geography Bee

27 students answered geography questions with a chance to win the school competition

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior Middle School students showed off their knowledge at the National Geographic Geography Bee.

The geography bee is similar to a spelling bee, but the student scholars have a different area of expertise.

“I love geography. It’s really my thing,” said seventh-grader Jack D. Milliken.

Twenty-seven middle school students battle it out to be the king, or queen, of geography at Superior Middle School.

“I’m excited. I’m a little nervous,” said eighth-grader Samantha Brill.

Brill missed the competition last year. Now she’s ready to finally show off her knowledge.

“It’s interesting to know the layout of the world and I like memorization, it’s fun, so it’s just fun,” said Brill.

Meanwhile, the competitive energy is flowing through Milliken.

“Made it to the final four last year, this year we hope to take first home, so let’s do this,” he said.

The middle schoolers are asked wide-ranging geography questions about almost everything they can imagine.

“This isn’t just about where something is in the world. We’re not just saying point to the map, but what are the different animals? What are the different oceans? What are the weird things that go on? One of the categories is weird but true,” explained seventh-grade social studies teacher Christina Cassano.

The kids have fifteen seconds to write their answers on a dry-erase board, flip it around, and show the judges.

“It is really cool to watch a lot of them get excited about school,” said Cassano.

The winner could get a chance to compete in the state competition, or even the national bee, with a chance to win college scholarships.

Plus, it’s a fun excuse for kids to study their favorite subject.

“I love learning about different things, I love learning about the world, I love knowing what’s going on,” said Milliken.

We’re told Mark Purcell was the winner of the 2020 competition.

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