Warming Shelters to Stay Open Longer as CHUM Gets $100,000 Grant

DULUTH, Minn. – CHUM has received a major boost in funding for its warming shelters.

Last year, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced more than four-million dollars will be given out to a variety of non-profit groups to help battle homelessness.

CHUM will be getting more than one-hundred thousand dollars of that grant money.

It will allow local warming centers in Lincoln Park and Central Hillside to stay open at night until mid-April no matter what the temperature.

Right now, they only open when it hits ten degrees.

“We know that there are about 150 people in the city of Duluth. We’re happy when we have CHUM and Glori Dei and Harmony Club going that we have over half. We know they are with us and that’s a very good thing,” CHUM Executive Director, Lee Stuart says.




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