40th Annual Northland Skating Competition Attracts Nearly 500 Skaters

It is the largest skating competition in the Midwest with skaters from 3 years old through adult.

DULUTH, Minn. – This weekend the 40th Annual Northland Figure Skating Competition put on by the Duluth Figure Skating Club is bringing 489 skaters to the DECC.

It is the largest skating competition in the midwest with skaters from 3 years old through adult.

It includes jumps, spins, sparkly outfits, and pressure, all the makings of a skating competition.

The hundreds of skaters are showing off their stuff on two sheets of ice over the four-day competition.

“Competing for the athlete is something you can’t teach as a parent as a teacher this isn’t something you can teach them but this is a mini look at did you get the job did you get the promotion did you get that cool raise. With my own children I’ve seen them really grow because they don’t really get intimidated by much anymore because there’s nothing more intimidating than the ice,” said Lea Scudamore, the marketing chair for the Duluth Figure Skating Club.

The competition gives young skaters the rare opportunity to use the judging system older skaters get to use.

Many of the skaters have been involved in the sport for the majority of their lives and have big dreams for the future.

“It’s a fun community everyone is friendly you make a lot of friends really quickly and you also have a chance of competing in the Olympics, it’s an Olympic sport,” said Piper, an 11-year-old.

The competition also features 20 adult skaters.

Locally there are not many opportunities for adults to compete for a medal so Duluth Figure Skating Club officials say the competition is pretty fierce and fun.

The competition goes through Sunday at the DECC and is free for spectators.

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