Delegates Prepare One Week Ahead of Superior Days

Nearly 100 delegates met to go over issues, meet with lobby teams.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Nearly 100 delegates from four Wisconsin counties met at UWS to go over their final agenda to take to Madison for Superior Days next week.

Delegates learned about each of the legislative issues, including, according to officials, the drug crisis and mental health service improvements.

They also met with their lobby teams and received final instructions for the big week.

“We know how to solve the problem, we really do, we just don’t have the providers to be able to address these challenges, and that is something that we’re not able to fix here in Northwest Wisconsin,” Superior Mayor Jim Paine said. “That makes it a Superior Days issue. We need Madison’s help to help us find the solutions that fix these very serious plagues.”

The 35th Annual Superior Days is February 11th and 12th in Madison.

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