Knowing Your Neighbor: Duluth Figure Skating Club

Founded in 1926, the Duluth Figure Skating Club has become the go-to spot for aspiring figure skaters in the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn. – For over 90 years the Duluth Figure Skating Club has been the go-to spot for aspiring figure skaters in Duluth.

Now, with over 200 individual members, they look to continue their influence on the greater skating community in the Northland.

Fox 21 caught up with members of the Duluth Figure Skating Club during their annual Northland competition which is the largest skating competition in the Midwest.

The figure skating club skates at the DECC and Mars Lakeview Arena.

They teach everyone from the tiniest two-year-olds all the way up through adults looking for a new sport.

Club officials say learning skating is just part of the Minnesota experience.

“Learning to skate is kind of like swimming to a lot of Minnesotans and people in the Midwest there’s a lot of seasons with a lot of ice a lot of snow, so I think that learning to skate is just part of being a Minnesota kid and running around in the winter and sometimes there’s nothing else to do than to hit the rinks,” said Duluth Figure Skating Club’s Marketing Director, Lea Scudamore.

Young skaters train most days out of the week with their coaches on the club’s ice, and many have big dreams.

“It’s like a fun community everyone is friendly you make a lot of friends really quickly you also have a chance at competing in the Olympics it’s an Olympic sport,” said 11-year-old Piper.

The goal of the club is to instill a lifelong love of skating in its skaters along with important life skills.

“That’s the stuff you learn you learn how to connect with people and be a team and compete against each other well is a huge thing competing against your friend is probably the hardest part of figure skating it’s not the falls it’s not the challenges it’s competing against your friends and learning to be happy for them too,” says Scudamore.

The skaters say sometimes it is hard to get up and keep training the jumps and elements they are learning, but that landing a jump for the first time is thrilling.

Many skaters have found meaningful friendships at the rink, even though figure skating is a singular sport.

“The Duluth Figure Skating Club is really fun you get to hang out with all your friends especially at this competition you get to support everyone when they compete and just cheer for everyone,” said Madeline, an 11-year-old member of Duluth Figure Skating Club.

You can learn more about the programs available through Duluth Figure Skating Club here.

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