Coast Guard Advises Caution When On Lake Superior

DULUTH, Minn. – The Coast Guard here in Duluth is warning the public to be aware of the thin ice on Lake Superior.

The coast guard has three boats which are used for such occasions.

Historically, all of them are winterized by December.

This year, however, they have one boat still remaining because of the amount of open water and access to public boat launches.

These world experts in ice rescue say that even if you can venture out the ice for any outdoor winter activity, having a life jacket is always handy.

“People don’t realize that a lifejacket- just because you can walk out on the ice- doesn’t mean you necessarily need one. Those are big things you need to have. A VHF radio, life jacket, try to have a buddy with you. That’s always good things to be safe and cautious with,” Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class, Matthew Mote says.

The coast guard also wants to remind the public to check the ice conditions every time you head out onto the ice.

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