Raleigh Academy Celebrates Global School Play Day

DULUTH, Minn. – Kindergarten through second-grade students at the Raleigh Academy in Duluth had a day full of playtime.

For Global School Play Day, which is an effort to promote open play without the interference of an adult.

Students were able to bring toys from home such a Barbies and animal figures.

Electronics or toys with batteries were not allowed.

A teacher says the all-day playtime allows kids to develop life long skills.

“Kids learn a lot of things through unstructured play. They learn how to talk with their friends. They use their imagination. They learn how to problem-solve. They learn a whole lot of different skills,” said Assistant Special Education Coordinator Rachael Stigsell.

Global School Play Way was started more than five years ago and is celebrated by schools in more than 51 nations.

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