The Juice Pharm Is Moving From Skywalk Location

DULUTH, Minn. – The Juice Pharm in the Duluth Skywalk is on the move.

The popular fresh fruit drink spot is relocating to a new space.

The new location will allow for more foot traffic as it will be located on East First Street. closer to the downtown area.

It will also help create more lounge and table space for the customers.

The co-owner says they are excited about the move, but it is bittersweet for customers who have come to love the skywalk location.

“There were some sad ones just because being here in the skywalk it’s nice with the businesses nearby and people being able to walk over and enjoy a nice healthy snack or a juice. I have no doubt that they will follow us just because we got them addicted and like our product,” said co-owner Desiree Jenkins.

The Juice Pharm’s new store on East First Street is located near the Clayton Jackson Mcghie Memorial.

It is expected to open between mid-March and early April.

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