Barnum School Board Could Decide To Cut Nearly $750,000 From District’s Budget

A decision could be made at the next regular school board meeting on February 18th.

BARNUM, Minn. – The Barnum School District could potentially need to cut nearly $750,000 from its budget for the next school year.

This financial concern comes after the school board was presented with options to help reduce expenses within the school district during Tuesday’s board meeting.

The $750,000 in cuts is just a recommendation for now.

But the need to cut expenses could have a substantial impact on the school district.

Superintendent Mike McNulty says a slight decline in enrollment is one of the many reasons making budget cuts necessary.

Currently graduating classes on average are about 50 students, but the incoming student classes are ranging around 40.

Another reason for the budget cuts is the need to pay out more money than what is coming in from state and federal government funding to support mandated programming.

“We are still focusing on how we can improve and how we can do better. That’s the big thing and what we can do for these kids,” said Superintendent Mike McNulty. “But at the same time, its a reality. If you don’t have money to support that you have to find ways to tighten the belt and make it work better.”

If the school board approves the recommendation for these budget reductions it could mean an increase in class sizes and would eliminate one bus route.

Jobs could also be cut for part-time teachers, clerical, and custodial staff.

School board members could make a decision on exactly what may be included in the budget cuts during their next regular meeting on February 18th.

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