City of Duluth Launches New MuniciPals Podcast

First episode received 100 downloads in a day.

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth is distributing information in a new way with a monthly podcast.

The “MuniciPals” podcast started out as a joke according to officials, but has now turned into a new way to give people a behind the scenes look at the city, and distribute information on a wider scale.

Following a peaceful guitar riff, Phil Jents’s voice says “Hello everyone, you’re listening to MuniciPals.”

A snippet of a podcast featuring some familiar names and voices, talking about a familiar topic: the City of Duluth.

“Podcasts are nothing new, right? A lot of people listen to them cause I think, for me at least I listen to a ton of podcasts,” Jents, Communications and Policy Officer for the City said.

This week the City of Duluth launched MuniciPals to teach people about city affairs, and different roles and departments without having them come to a formal public meeting.

“To help people understand how does the city work? Who is working at the city? and why are they doing what they’re doing?” said Community Relations Officer Alicia Kozlowski.

“If we’re going to a public meeting, or a committee of the whole meeting, or a city council meeting, press releases there’s just certain ways that information is communicated in council meetings, it’s a very formal process,” Jents said.

The first episode featuring Mayor Emily Larson and Chief Administrative Officer Noah Schuchman received 100 downloads in a day.

“For our purposes that’s maybe 100 new people that have learned a little bit more about what a mayor and what a CAO and what the city does, and you know, it’s really encouraging,” said Jents.

“The joke was maybe two or three people would subscribe and one of them is our moms and the other is the mayor, you know. We didn’t know what to expect.”

Jents and Kozlowski, the podcast co-hosts, said it doesn’t take much to make city affairs interesting to listen to.

“If after saying “MuniciPals” that doesn’t put you to sleep, what will?” Kozlowski said.

“Behind the numbers, behind who’s sitting behind that desk, there’s a real live human and there’s real live stories that are all connected to our community.”

You can find a new episode online every month on the City of Duluth website here.

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