UW-Superior Receives A Special Grant For Center For Community Engaged Learning

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin Superior is receiving a special grant.

It’s Center for Community Engaged Learning is getting more than $20,000.

The funding will help to support and expand their work to encourage students and the community to exercise their rights.

The center received the twenty grant from Menard’s Center for Study of Institutions and Innovations.

Part of the funding will allow 10 UW-Superior students from the Student Government Association to attend “Superior Days” in Madison.

The event is a chance for students to meet and make connections with elected officials and local community leaders.

The other portion will help the center expand programming and campus engagement opportunities to get students more involved in voting.

“With this year being an election year now more than ever its really important that our students are only registered and using their voice at the ballot. Making sure that they are educated on their values and the things they care that could be at stake for us,” said Community Engagement Director Jenice Meyer.

Superior Days begins next Tuesday.

UW-Superior students taking part in the event will head to Madison on Monday.

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