Soul and Soul Food Served to Hundreds at UMD

At 240 people the event was sold out.

DULUTH, Minn.- Great smells, great company, and of course great tastes packed the Kirby Ballroom for the Black Student Association’s annual Soul Food dinner.

“It signifies black people and unity, honestly,” Black Student Association Treasurer Trina Kwamboka said. “Being brought together to eat by your Grandma, to eat some soul food. It’s a really big thing in the black culture.”

Ushering in Black History Month, the night is a way not only to share delicious food, but also share in the culture and stories of the black experience.

“It’s not just like being black, get noticed for our skin, it’s all about the history as well so people need to know the history and of why we are here,” said Elizabeth Rypa, BSA Marketing and Public Relations Chair.

With more than 240 people, the event was overcapacity and sold out.

“This is the first time we’ve had sold out all of our tickets that we’ve had reserved for people and feels great,” Kwamboka said. “The more people shows up the more it shows us that we need to keep going and the more we need to do for the community.”

Dances, spoken word and music shined throughout the night, giving different students the chance to show their talents and culture.

“As a black person on the UMD campus we’re very underrepresented so being able to participate in things like this it brings awareness on campus that we are here and we do deserve to be treated as everybody else,” said Rypa.

Bringing a diverse crowd together over good food.

“For us food is what brings the family together. and so this is like a family gathering,” Rypa said.

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