Attempted Murder Charges Filed in Makinen Shooting Case

MAKINEN, Minn.-A 25-year-old Makinen man has been charged with attempted murder after being accused of shooting at someone driving in their truck.

It happened just after 5 a.m. Monday on Wilson Road in Eveleth, when a driver of a truck reported he had been shot at by another driver multiple times. The person who was being shot at says they didn’t recognize the shooter – police later identified him as Daniel Reitmajer.

The victim was able to get away after spinning his truck around and eventually met up with authorities. Police then found a bullet lodged between the windshield and dashboard of the victim’s vehicle.

Police then found the suspected shooter’s vehicle backing down a driveway, near the shooting. Reitmajer was then arrested as police discovered three .22 rounds in his pocket, along with a baggy they believe to be methamphetamine.

Police also searched the property where Reitmajer was discovered and they found a rifle in the snow with rounds still in the chamber.

In a statement to law enforcement, the defendant said a man identified as “J.C.” stole from him the night before leaving in the defendant’s blue truck. The victim in the case, who did drive a blue truck, has been identified only as “H.T.,” not “J.C.”



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