North Shore Businesses Holding Strong During Slow Winter Season

NORTH SHORE, Minn. – The picturesque scene on the North Shore gains the attention of many people from all over during the winter.

A visit to the area can offer loads of fun activities such as snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

We may be over halfway into winter and there is plenty of time left for tourists to head up the shore, but many business owners say the winter can have its highs and lows.

“We have been busy but we could be busier,” said AmericInn General Manager Michael Giuliano.

“The winter has been kind of feast or famine,” said Owner of Lemon Wolf Cafe.

Some believe there could be a very good reason for the up and down season.

“The thing about this year is everyone has the snow. we have snow all the time in the winter. some years we are the only place that has snow and then we seem to do even better,” said Giuliano

But one business owner says it’s not unusual to see a quieter pace this time of year.

“The North Shore has always been this way. Its always been slower in the wintertime,” said Owner of Cedar Chest Gift Shop Theresa Bartel. “When it is a high of 10 degrees not many people want to go out and about. They want to do indoor activities.”

Although it is a slower season, lodging in the area has been holding steady business as tourists come and go.

“A lot of our business during the wintertime, especially at the weekends is hockey tournaments. We are nearly full with hockey and whats left is filled up with snowmobilers,” said Giuliano

But local restaurants know the winter season has many ups and downs when it comes to crowds.

“You take the good with the bad. You cut where you have to, but you just keep going. You don’t let the slow periods dampen your spirits,” said Arriola.

More indoor activities and special events can draw more people to the North Shore during the winter months.

And as a long weekend approaches, with good weather in the forecast, these businesses will be ready for what should be a nice boost.

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