Two Northland Teams Heading to Minnesota State High School Dance Competition

The Hermantown Proctor and Duluth Marshall dance teams are heading back to state later this week.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – This week, two Northland teams are heading back to the Minnesota State High School Dance tournament. This will be the second straight trip for the Hermantown Proctor team, who now have a bit of experience under their belt.

“Every competition is completely different than state. State is just on a whole other level. It’s like a whole day thing and there’s a lot going on and a lot different expectations,” said Proctor senior Henley Godnai.

“I feel like the girls feel a lot more prepared and know what to expect, even having that experience of being on that floor at the Target Center. We only have two new members. It will be their first time so I think that’s going to really help us this year too from an athlete perspective,” Hermantown Proctor coach Becky Lent said.

As for Duluth Marshall, they’ve competed at the state tournament for 18 straight years, creating a legacy that few can match in the Northland.

“I think the difference is just that we work really hard and what we focus on is what categories we’re able to beat other teams in because we’re so small. And I think that’s something that surprises most other programs is that we compete against other teams that dance over ten dancers. The last couple of years we’ve had five at state,” Duluth Marshall head coach Jocelyn Kreager said.

“I’m a senior so it’s super duper cool to have danced on the state floor three times with this team and know this team so well. I think it’s super important for people to know that we’ve made for 18 years. It’s just really cool. Most sports haven’t done that,” said Duluth Marshall senior Sophia Benson.

Both teams will compete in the jazz competition in their respective classes and decided to hold a special joint practice to get hyped up for the trip.

“I think it really will help push the girls to that next level that they need to just get feedback from other coaches and other dancers in the area because they know what it’s all about,” said Lent.

“I think it makes it a little bit easier just for the girls to just genuinely really hope that both local teams do everything they can to make it to finals and just as well as they can at state,” Kreager said.

The action begins Thursday morning at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

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