Firefighter Swearing-In Ceremony ‘Family Affair’ for One New Hire

New firefighter Cameron Kalan following in family's footsteps being a public servant for the city of Superior.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Six new Superior firefighters and the city’s Fire Chief were sworn into duty Thursday. And for one firefighter, the ceremony connected him to his roots.

Pride beamed throughout Superior Council Chambers, as excited friends and family watched four new firefighters officially become part of the Superior Fire Department.

It was a different type of ceremony, because two of the new firefighters couldn’t be there. They had to go on a structure fire call during the ceremony.

But the show went on, and so did a family tradition of sorts for the Kalan family.

“It’s been a long road to get here so it was, it felt good to be able to take a step back and soak it all in,” Cameron Kalan said.

For Cameron, this is a family affair.

His uncle is Superior Police Captain Thom Champaigne, his grandfather is a retired police sergeant, his sister works in environmental services, and his mother Terri is Superior’s City Clerk.

“I’m surprised I made it without crying,” she said.

She isn’t surprised the opportunity to serve their city called her son home.

“We just all lived here our entire lives, we’ve never left, except for a stint, Cameron’s stint in the Air Force or in college, but we’ve all come back,” said Kalan. “This is home to us and this is where we plan to be for the rest of our lives.”

The entire Fire Department’s youth was on display, as new Chief Scott Gordon was officially sworn in.

“Humbling experience,” the Chief said.

“To be the department head, to be the chief, to be the authority having jurisdiction is a huge responsibility and this I know.”

There are still some aspects of the job Gordon is still getting used to, as he repeatedly wandered from the podium to talk more casually with the audience.

“But the people looking up to me, that’s not comfortable for me, not normal for me,” he said. “But it’s an awesome responsibility and one I’m not taking lightly.”

According to Gordon the crew was able to put out the structure fire, and those two new hires will be sworn in at a later date.

Whether straight out of college, or in Cameron’s case the Air Force, these fresh faces are anxious to get out to serve and to save.

“I got a chance to serve my country, now I want to serve my community,” said Cameron.

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