Group Makes Banners Empowering Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women March

Currently 20 unaccounted women are logged in urban parts.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Native Lives Matter Coalition spent the day making banners for Friday’s fifth annual Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Memorial March.

According to data from the Urban Indian Health Institute, 20 indigenous women are murdered or missing from urban areas in Minnesota. A task force is working on determining numbers for the whole state.

The banners empower family members of unaccounted in the march, organizers said.

“We’re providing art as an outlet and a support them with material for banner making,” said Rene Ann Goodrich with the Coalition. “Many of these banners family members put photos of their lost loved ones and they carry that and it helps, helps promote healing.”

The march leaves the American Indian Community Housing Organization Building at 2:45.

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