RV Couple Makes a Pit Stop in Duluth to Talk RVing Lifestyle

The Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel & RV Show is Happening February 12 - 16, 2020

DULUTH, Minn. – Thousands of Northlanders enjoy packing up the vehicle, loading firewood, and heading out for a weekend away at the campground.

But could you imagine living in your RV year round? One couple from Kentucky did so for more than ten years.

Howard and Linda Payne were living the “American Dream” according to most people.

But there was something missing in their corporate-based existence which included the big house, nice cars, business prestige, and country club privileges.

They will be doing seminars at the Duluth Sport show to open up about their lives, their journey, their triumphs and mistakes, and their financial information for a more complete, honest look at full-time RVing.

Their diversity of experiences, their age, and their background have combined to create an interesting perspective on RV living that some just dream about.

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