U. S. Census Hosts Open House To Recruit For Open Positions

The available jobs have a pay rate of up to $24 an hour.

DULUTH, Minn. – There are four more weeks left until the 2020 Census data collection process begins.

The Census wants to get nearly 2,500 applicants in St. Louis County.

The bureau has now reached around 75% of that goal.

The Duluth-area Census office is responsible for filling jobs in nearly 50 counties in Northern Minnesota.

The goal is to recruit and hire staff for field and office positions, such as data collectors and managers.

Currently, the open positions have a pay rate of up to $24 an hour.

The jobs are available to all kinds of people.

“We need folks who are unemployed. We are looking for people who are experiencing homelessness, retired, college students, and people working full time, who can see this as a wonderful way to serve their community or do a civic service,” said Partnership Specialist Sarah Priest.

All jobs are flexible.

Those hired can choose to work full time or part-time.

The 2020 census mailings are expected to go out on March 12th and staff are hoping to reach their goal of applicants before than.

This year the census will be conducted a little differently.

Folks will get an invitation to fill out the questionnaire online.

Most of the field positions are for when residents do not have a city-style address or have not responded to the mailings.

For more information about the 2020 census questionnaire click here.

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