Ikidarod Kicks Off

Kids transformed into dogs at this year's Ikidarod race...

DULUTH, Minn. – Kids transformed into dogs at this year’s Ikidarod race.

Second graders at North Shore Community School ran their 13th annual Ikidarod race, a play on words of Iditarod. Not only do they get to run a dog sled race, they get to act as the musher and as the dogs.

“I think they’ve really liked learning about the whole dogsled experience and the Iditarod and the Bear Grease and just about everything that has to do with dogsledding,” said Tanya Bruzek, parent volunteer. “Then, of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re second graders and they get to act like dogs.”

Students worked on the race all throughout the month of February. The second graders are also on break next week.

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