Town of Oakland Snowshoe Race Celebrates New Fire Station and Town Hall

The Snowshoe Race has been going on since the 1980s and this year, it was held next to the town's newest building.

TOWN OF OAKLAND, Wis. – The Town of Oakland recently opened its new combined fire station and town hall building.

It opened a couple of months ago giving the community a place to gather and the volunteer fire department a new space.

“We’ve got a lot more room for our fire equipment every piece of apparatus has a door to come out so we don’t have to worry if one is going to get stuck or something the other one can get out so it’s a lot better building,” said Capt. Pat Conley, of the Town of Oakland Fire Department.

The plans have been in the works for many years and the fire department says it is exciting to host the town’s annual Snowshoe Race outside of their new building this year.

“It brings community pride because we had temporarily an office trailer for a town hall so to go from that to something like this is really nice,” said Conley.

The annual Snowshoe Race started back in the 80s and helps raise funds for the all-volunteer fire department in Oakland.

It brings out many members of the town to watch races involving firefighters, kids, and adults for prizes.

“It’s a great time ever since I’ve been 5 years old I’ve been running with the same size snowshoe it’s been a lot of hard work to get the little legs to move the big snowshoes but now it’s easier than ever when I’m running out here now, it’s a lot of fun,” said Alex Dzikonski, who has competed in the race since he was a child.

A king and queen are crowned each year by town citizens.

This year, the king is a man who grew up coming to the Snowshoe Race and was excited about this year’s nice weather.

“The weather helps it’s 20 degrees we’re in Northern Wisconsin…I’ve traveled the country and a lot of people admire people from the north actually,” said Wesley Larson, the Snowshoe Race King.

Many kinds and the adults at the event say that they look forward to this day each year.

“Just a small-town feel I’m definitely a small-town person, the songs they sing about everyone knows your name things like that it’s just awesome to be that close with your neighbor,” said Dzikonski.

The town hall can also be rented out as a place to hold events for people who are interested.

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