The Number Of Flu Cases In Northland Jump From Last Year

Experts say flu cases are up by 15% for this season.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland is really taking a hit with the influenza virus.

Schools and senior living facilities are some of the places that are experiencing a widespread outbreak.

Healthcare providers say the number of cases is up by 15% from last year.

There are three strains of the Influenza Virus, but most commonly people get the “A” or “B” strain.

Early in the season, most of the cases treated in this area were for the “B” strain.

Health professionals are now saying they are seeing more people catching the “A” strain, which is more severe than the other.

But because forms of the flu strains typically change every year, it can be hard for drug manufacturers to create the proper vaccine for that season.

“Probably the flu shot antigens for this year didn’t cover it like it should have. It’s a guess every year to get the proper flu virus in the shots,” said MedExpress Physician Assistant Allen Hughes.

Some symptoms of the flu can include those of a common cold as well as fevers and body aches.

If you do catch the flu, you are recommended to see your doctor for proper treatment.

Also, limit contact with those who do not have the virus.

Washing hands and sanitizing common areas or most used items can help prevent the spread of the flu.

Although not very likely, doctors say even if you have received the flu shot, it may still be possible to get the virus, but symptoms are usually not as severe.

It is still recommended to get the shot.

Healthcare providers say it is not too late in the season to get one.

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