Duluth Fire Department Releases Annual Run Report

DULUTH, Minn.– It was a busier 2019 for Duluth firefighters.

Nearly 550 more calls were recorded from the previous year along with almost 30 more total fires. The number of calls to the Duluth Fire Department increased roughly 3.5%  compared to 1% increases from the previous two years.

The annual report recorded 28 more fires and an increase of 546 more calls for service compared to 2018. The number of rescue and emergency calls also grew by 89 calls.

Even with all those added calls, there were no fire deaths for a second consecutive year. The rising numbers may seem like a red flag to some but Duluth Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj says the rise can, in part, be linked to the public’s willingness to call and ask professionals for help.

“Previous generations sometimes just did things on their own,” said Krizaj. “They took care of themselves. They didn’t want to call 911 or call for an ambulance where I think people are just more willing to do that now.”

The Duluth Fire Department wants everyone to know that whenever you’re in doubt about a situation, you should never hesitate to call 911. Just be sure to tell the operator if it’s not an emergency so they can direct you to the proper place. When there is an emergency, call right away so the situation can be resolved quickly and the damage can be as low as possible.

“What puts us kind of behind is when people try to deal with something on their own and then they realize they can’t handle it,” said Krizaj. “The earlier notification that we get, the better off we’ll be when we get there.”

The fire department says prevention is also key by making sure your smoke and carbon monoxide protectors are working.


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