Local Health Expert Gives Coronavirus Update

DULUTH, Minn.– An expert from UMD is giving update on the coronavirus.

As of last week, there are 15 confirmed cases of the disease here in the U.S.

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have each had people tested for coronavirus which has resulted in one confirmed case in Wisconsin about two weeks ago.

Coronavirus has over 70,000 cases worldwide. While most deaths related to the disease have been in China, there has also been in one death here in the U.S.

World health officials are working together to stop the virus and health experts are offering some tips on how to keep yourself healthy and help prevent future cases of coronavirus.

“Providing information for people about washing your hands. Making sure you cover your mouth if you’re coughing or covering your nose if you sneeze and all those sorts of basic things people can do to try and keep themselves healthy,” said Jeremy Youde, Global Health Politics Researcher at UMD.

Local health experts say you should still be focusing more on preventing more common illnesses such as the flu and that in this area, any respiratory issues are most likely due to a regular cold or the flu.

If you do think you may have a case of coronavirus, some things to think about would be if there were any places you’ve been to recently where you could have had any contact with someone who might have passed on the disease, such as if you have traveled to China recently or have been in contact with someone who has.

For more information and updates on coronavirus some great places to check out are the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Health and you can find those links here.

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