City Employees Prepare for Warmer Temperatures

The temperatures are expected to climb into the 30's tomorrow

DULUTH, Minn. – The temperatures are expected to climb into the 30’s tomorrow, which will cause a lot of the snow and ice to melt.

Duluth city employees have been preparing for months for the upcoming melt by clearing culverts and cleaning catch basins.

They say without that preparation, the city could have to deal with some flooded streets.

“We’ve actually prepped for spring run-off since about September, October, we’ve been out clearing culverts, cleaning catch basins, making sure that storm system is ready for the heavy spring run-off which is coming,” said Chris Kleist, Utility Operations Supervisor.

If you see water backed up in a storm sewer, water or sanitary sewer, call city crews right away at 730-4000.