Hermantown Prepares for Road Construction

Hermantown is making efforts to repair roads before they get worse...

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Hermantown is making efforts to repair roads before they get worse…but even though many of the city’s roads are in need of repair, some are worried about the cost.

Bumps and more bumps.

Hermantown is making efforts to make roads safer for residents.

The newly approved road construction plan is an eight-year project. The first phase is focusing on five roads – Johnson, Portland, Alexander, Carlson and Hermantown ROad between Stebner and Okerstrom.

“We’ve listened to their concerns about how might that impact my yard and we’ve tried to accommodate them as best we can and then we’ve also talked, this is going to cost you some money and they’ve understood that. And no one wants to pay more money, but they understood it. And they also understood that they’re gonna get a new road,” said John Mulder, City Administrator for Hermantown.

Residents have mixed feelings about the road construction, specifically about the price tag.

“I just know that for like the neighbors around me that they’re not really happy about the cost as well, but the roads definitely need to happen,” said Lori Larson, resident of Hermantown.

The construction contract is set for just above 2.23 million dollars. Construction will start once weather allows and is slated for completion in the fall of 2020.

For reference, these particular roads do not have any other outside source of funding. The city is financing the project in part by individual property tax assessments.

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