Residents Express Concern About Husky Energy’s Flare Tower Scare

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Husky Energy in Superior was evacuated Thursday after a flare stack at the refinery was seen rocking back and forth.

It created some concern that the stack would fall.

A portion of Stinson Road leading to the refinery remains closed as a precaution.

Husky officials are looking further into why the stack moved so much in the wind.

But the idea of yet another disastrous event happening at the refinery has many residents worried.

According to the Superior Police Department, Husky employees who were working on the flare stack heard a loud “pop.”

Husky crews eventually noticed the stack actively swaying back and forth.

“You panic a little bit because you think “oh no” what’s going to happen,” said Cheryl Anttila.

Husky officials tell us the tall structure normally moves some with the wind, but as an extreme precaution, they evacuated the refinery to examine the stack.

“I just thought am I going to have to evacuate because of the last time it happened when they had the explosion,” said Anttila. “This time it was a little bit scary too because I really didn’t know what was happening.”

The two year anniversary of the Husky explosion, which caused people throughout the city of Superior to flee their homes, is quickly approaching.

“It’s crazy that it hasn’t been that long and there have already been a couple of problems,” said Gabby Shaul.

Although this particular incident was not as severe, it brought back some scary memories.

It also brings up the question, should the refinery remain in the community of Superior.

“Its harder to trust them and how safe it actually is. I don’t really have a place if they should stay or go, but if it is safer for the community, it probably shouldn’t stay,” said Shaul.

Husky officials have stated their main priority is always the safety of their workers and the public.

Superior Mayor Jim Paine has stated the city will continue to monitor the refinery and support Husky’s efforts to fix the problem.

After a preliminary investigation, Husky officials say there is no evidence of major damage to the flare stack and they are developing the next step to further investigate the issue.

Superior Police wants to assure the public they are safe and there is no risk of explosion or release of chemicals at this time.

Stinson Road will also stay closed until further notice.

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