“Sunscriptions” Filled on the SunSpot Bus

ACTIVE ADVENTURES: Mobile Unit Geared to Help Vitamin D Deficiency, SAD and Winter Blues

DULUTH, Minn. — In this weeks Active Adventures Fox 21’s Brittney Merlot takes on the SUNSPOT BUS! If you are battling the winter blues, cabin fever, vitamin D deficiency and finding yourself not being very active, light therapy can help you!

ABOUT: The further one lives north of the equator, the less sunshine hits the surface of the earth or enters the body. Less sunshine creates 2 major problems: A lot of folks get depressed. Almost all are Vitamin D deficient. The amount of sunlight affects the number of nerve messages which you send from the eyes to certain parts of the brain. The activity of nerve messages caused by sunlight affects the level of certain brain chemicals (such as serotonin) and hormones (such as melatonin). These chemicals and hormones affect your mood. With less sunlight during the winter months, changes in the balance of these chemicals and hormones may trigger depression. As well, humans process light for the circadian system of the body that regulates rhythms such as body temperature, hormone production, alertness and sleep patterns. Some people seem to inherit a tendency to develop SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. More folks come down with a milder form of depression simply called “The Winter Blues”. Nicknamed the sunshine nutrient, Vitamin D is produced in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. The body makes Vitamin D in a process “fired” by the sun’s ultraviolet rays that hit the skin. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10am and 2pm. It is the sun’s ultraviolet rays that allow Vitamin D to be made in the body. It’s Vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium and is an important part of the immune system. Vitamin D comes into the body through UVB light – hard to get it during the dark days of winter and all through the year in geographic locations far north of the equator. The SunSpot Bus helps people deal with the lack of Sunlight and the problems that manifest in the human body because of it. In Duluth, MN, 6% of people are thought to experience SAD, 2% severely. As many as 20% of folks have winter blues.  Duluth has a population of 86,000. That means that as many as 17,000 people in our community could use their help fighting these symptoms. The bus is a 16 seat Mobile Rescue Unit! The SunSpot offers a full spectrum approach to helping you help yourself, your students, your employees FEEL BETTER. The SunSpot’s purpose is to combat the darkness in an affordable, natural way. It provides a year-round sunny space filled with therapy lamps radiating 10,000 lumens of light to raise serotonin, UVB bulbs to help manufacture vitamin D through skin, a nutritionally rich menu in the key areas deficient in darkness, and a community of care and support. Summer comes to you in 30 minutes of light therapy, 5 days a week to counteract the effects of our lack of sunshine . The SunSpot will make stops at specific locations throughout the day so that folks can get on the bus and take in 30 minutes or longer of light while snacking on small bowls of vitamin rich simple foods.

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