Niklas Dyrhaug, Jessia Yeaton Highlight 2020 Birkebeiner Winners

Jessica Yeaton from New Mexico and Niklas Dyrhaug from Norway won the 50K skate freestyle divisions.

HAYWARD, Wis. – The 46th annual American Birkenbeiner brought thousands to Hayward, Wisconsin this weekend to compete or watch all of the action go down.

In the 50K skate women’s division, Jessica Yeaton from Albuquerque, New Mexico finished in first with a time of 2:13:20, 41.7 seconds ahead of the second place finisher.

“This means more than any victory in my career for sure like it was so special. I kept thinking the entire time I was skiing like this is the best nordic skiing I’ve done it wasn’t too cold it wasn’t too hot I thought it was awesome,” Yeaton said.

In the men’s 50K skate, Niklas Dyrhaug from Norway finished in first with a time of 1:59:01.7, just edging out Rochester, Minnesota native Ina Torchia.

“Yeah it was tricky racing at the end pretty nervous. And then yeah, I managed to take home the sprint so I’m really happy,” Dyrhaug said.

For a full lists of results, head to their website. 

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