‘If the Dress Fits’ Gives Away Prom Dresses in Barnum

Non-profit has given away close to a thousand dresses over the last five years

BARNUM, Minn. – Prom dresses can be a huge expense for families, but the local non-profit ‘If the Dress Fits’ is here to help.

The organization has given away close to a thousand dresses to local families over the last five years.

This prom season, they’re taking the donated dresses on the road to small towns across the Northland.

“I found over ten dresses that I liked within the first five minutes,” said Barnum High School senior Siera Rustom.

The Barnum High School library was filled with five-hundred prom dresses available for free.

“We have all sizes from zero up to size twenty-six,” explained ‘If the Dress Fits’ co-founder Amy Arntson.

New dresses can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making them almost impossible for many families to afford.

“Some of the dresses I was looking at at similar stores were over in the six-hundreds, five-hundreds, four-hundreds,” explained Rustom. “I don’t know if I want to do that.”

Many towns are far away from stores that sell these dresses, adding another barrier for future prom-goers.

“We were up in Littlefork and they would have to drive almost three hours to go prom dress shopping and so it’s just really rewarding to bring our prom dresses on the road,” said Arntson.

‘If the Dress Fits’ is traveling this year with the goal of giving every girl in the Northland their own perfect look for this year’s prom.

“Everybody can remember their prom, if they only went once or twice, and chances are if you’re a female you know exactly what dress you wore and how it made you feel,” said Arntson.

Many of the girls in Barnum said ‘yes’ to the dress and went home with a new piece of style and positivity.

“It just makes you feel comfortable if you’re confident in what you’re wearing,” said Rustom.

‘If the Dress Fits’ is hosting a giveaway at Bella Rose Bridal in Duluth on March 15th and 16th.

The non-profit is always looking for more dress donations. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

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