Boreal House Opens for Business

Boreal House is now open for Duluthians to enjoy.

DULUTH, Minn. – Boreal House is now open for Duluthians to enjoy. The bar features 16 craft beer taps and a full range of cocktails.

The owners have big hopes for this new bar.

“I hope that we’re your neighborhood bar. I hope that we’re the staple for people for that we’re gonna go down to the BoHo, we love going there. I hope that people are excited about it still at this point,” said Katie Fast, owner of Boreal House.

The bar features a small, intimate setting that adds to the charm of the Boreal House.

“We did have a couple comments about it’s so small but I think that’s what makes it kind of cool, it’s not this big, huge place. You can sit here and you can talk with your bartender and have a conversation and he’s not so busy that he can’t talk to you so I think that’s really cool,” said Fast.

The business hopes to create a positive and responsive atmosphere.

“It’s that they’re welcome. That everyone can come here and have a good time, and kind of have like a family atmosphere. It’s overdone and cliche to say like the Cheers Bar where everyone knows your name but really that’s kind of the style that you want here with a tight knit group,” said Bartender Daniel Duffy.

Boreal means “Up North” in Greek and Latin. The business is located next to the Kom-on-Inn on 57th Ave. W.

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