Turning First Street Into A Two-Way Is Looking Like More Of A Reality

DULUTH, Minn. – Another construction project could be added to the already busy agenda for this summer.

Plans to convert First Street into a two- way is starting to become more of a reality.

The City of Duluth has been working with a Twin Cities-based engineering company to do traffic studies on First Street.

Currently First Street switches from a one-way to a two-way starting after Sixth Avenue West, which can cause a bit of confusion.

The conversion plans are expected to help eliminate that confusion and improve pedestrian access for better safety practices.

To draft the final design plans will cost the city more than 100,000.

A city spokesperson says the conversion could be good for the growth of downtown.

“When we updated the “Imagine Duluth” plan, this was the outcome of that. Making our downtown more inviting, and really revitalize it so people want to have businesses here and have constant visitors coming in and out of their business,” said Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele.

The conversion is expected to be voted on as early as May, which means the project could begin this summer.

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