High School Students Learn The Skills Needed To Work In Construction Trades


DULUTH, Minn. – Hundreds of Northland high schoolers got their hands dirty during the 5th Annual Construct Tomorrow student event.

Construct Tomorrow is a program geared towards introducing high school students to the building and construction trades.

Nearly 1,500 from more than 25 schools in the Northland are getting an experience to help them find their career pathway.

The Construct Tomorrow event isn’t like a normal career fair.

These students had the opportunity to visit nearly 15 stations with representatives from local building and construction trade unions.

Students were even put to the test. Many of them had the chance to learn some of the skills performed in these trades such as laying brick.

Some testing their skills on the bulldozer simulator.

“I didn’t know there were so many options,” said Dominick Turner. “People that don’t know what to do. They can look into this. There are multiple choices to look into.”

A carpenter with a local union says he was like many of these students who received hands-on experience to learn more about the trades.

He says it’s fulfilling to return the favor to help these high schoolers find the right career path for them.

“Seeing some of these students come through and seeing maybe its not something they never thought about before or never considered and understanding that there are good pay rates and good benefits,” said Alex Meyers, carpenter. “It’s a good opportunity. the same way I had when I was younger, its good to see that light in their eye.”

This year is looking to be one of the busiest for construction years in Duluth.

Many of these local unions are hoping by sparking an interest in these students may help fill a growing need for more people in these trades.

Nearly 20 construction and building trades were represented at this year’s Construct Tomorrow event.

The hands-on experience continues through Wednesday.

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