Superior Seeking New Broadband Internet Infrastructure

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – The city of Superior has begun researching how they can lower internet costs for residents.

City councilors and the Mayor of Superior have come together to prioritize a broadband network infrastructure using fiber optic cable.

The project would also increase internet speed for residents and businesses, increase competition for internet service providers and improve a variety of the cities services.

This public infrastructure will be open to any service provider that seeks to offer services in the city, which could lead to reduced prices for web services.

“Putting this infrastructure in place would allow private ISP’s to put their services on this infrastructure creating competition thus driving down prices,” Superior 6th District City Councilor, Tylor Elm says.

According to city councilors, other cities using this type of infrastructure have dropped internet costs by 30 to 40 percent.

The public is asked to take the Superior Broadband Survey.

For more information, click here: Connect Superior

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