Free Culinary Boot Camp Helps Superior Residents Gain Skills

The free course is sponsored by the Nortwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – this week about a dozen Superior residents tested out their cooking skills during a free, two-week culinary boot camp.

The class focuses more on food safety, which is critical in many commercial kitchens.

The group is learning basic skills like the proper way to use knives.

Each day the culinary students also learn how to make different types of foods like a Thai Curry dish, while using a variety of techniques and methods typically used in a restaurant.

The culinary instructor says by offering this free class it can be very beneficial for the hospitality industry.

“More trained employees make better dishes and they bring more business into the community. Also, it is productive for people to be trained because there is no real culinary school here. It kind of fills that niche,” said Culinary Instructor Arlene Coco.

At the end of the two-weeks students walk away with two certifications including one in food safety.

A second free culinary boot camp is expected to begin on March 11th at Northland College in Ashland.

For more information please email Scott Schultz at the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board at

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