The City Of Superior Steps Up To Provide Snacks For Elementary School Students

"I think its really important kids are nourished throughout their day," said Third-grade Teacher Jasmine Haroldson.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – In January the City of superior put out a call for action to get the community to donate snacks to local elementary schools.

The snack drive was geared to help bring awareness to the hundreds of kids who can very often go without food.

The call for action for the snack drive evolved from a teacher seeing first hand how many kids are going without food throughout the day.

The community really stepped up after she mentioned the issue to Superior City Councilor Jenny Van Sickle and Superior Mayor Jim Paine.

Two cars filled to the top with snacks found its new home at Northern Lights Elementary school.

City officials and some of the donors helped hand-deliver the generous gift.

This Superior school, in particular, is one that is experiencing poverty at a higher rate than any other school in the district.

With that in mind, the third-grade teacher who brought up the issue says kids who are hungry through the day can lose their focus.

“I think its really important kids are nourished throughout their day,” said Jasmine Haroldson. “We want to focus on teaching them and the kids learning. We have a lot of standards that we have to get through during the day. If they aren’t worrying about their hungry bellies then we are able to do that.”

Superior City Councilor Jenny Van Sickle says after hearing of the issue, it was something she could not forget or let it go unaddressed.

The feeling these kids may get when they don’t have snacks is a topic that hits so close to home for the city official, considering her family was not always financially well off.

“I remember being looking to my left and to my right where my friends had cool snacks and name-brand snacks. When I heard this was happening in Superior, I related to it right away. It is a hard place for a kid to be in.”

The donations have resulted in thousands of dollars worth of snacks.

The overwhelming outpour of donations came from community members and organizations like a local carpenters union and the superior rotary club.

Also, most of the treats were donated by Superior, Water, Light, and Power.

This allowed for a sizable donation to also be given to the remaining elementary schools in the district.

City officials say they are hoping the community will continue to help.

If anyone would like to drop off snacks they can still do so by taking them to Northern Lights Elementary on North 28th Street in Superior.

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