Four Babies Leap Out into World on Leap Day

Two babies out of St. Luke's and Two out of Essentia on this special day.

DULUTH, Minn.- Saturday was Leap Day which of course only happens every four years, and quite a few babies were born on this extra day of February in Duluth.

Four babies were born on Leap Day in Duluth, two at Essentia Health and two at St.Luke’s.

Now begins the process of deciding when to celebrate the baby’s birthday on non-Leap Years either the 28th of February or the first of March.

But of course for these new parents they’re just happy to welcome a new addition to their family.

At 9:30 Saturday morning, Skip Curtis Stewart came into this world at St.Luke’s happy and healthy.

Mom Kimberly and Dad Lucas commemorated Skip’s unique birthday today when deciding his name.

“We had four different names picked out for possibilities and Skip was not even on the list but then my husband mentioned it and it only seemed fitting for the day he was born and whatnot,” Kimberly said. “Fell in love with it right away.”

The baby’s due date was March 25th, so it was quite the shock when Kimberly went into labor Thursday. The couple was forced to drive from two hours away to get to the hospital, almost not making it. But of course they did.

Skip is the couple’s 13th child.

But they said the feeling they got, welcoming a new one into this world, never gets old.

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