Northland Boy Scouts Practice Outdoor Skills in Beargrease Derby

Dog sled style race in Cloquet helps kids develop winter outdoor skills.

CLOQUET, Minn.- The Boy Scouts were out in the sunshine practicing their outdoor winter skills Saturday.

The annual Beargrease Derby took place at the University of Minnesota Cloquet Forestry Center.

The mile long course is named after John Beargrease, with 10 stations named after spots on the real Beargrease trail.

Kids go to each station to perform different outdoor tasks. But according to organizers, the kids discover things about themselves, too.

“The scouts learn a lot about themselves when they come out here, they learn that they can do things that they might not have tried if they weren’t in this kind of environment where they have others encouraging them on,” organizer Kevin McGrath said. “It sets them up for the future by realizing that their goals can be much farther than they originally expected them to be.”

Stations included fire building, and learning about basic first aid.

The teams involved said they had fun learning these different skills with their peers.

“To me the definition of teamwork is making friends and learning how to work with them in a happy environment,” said Zachary May of Troop 187 Askov. “It’s helpful, it’s an exercise too, like, you might not think about it when you’re having fun but it exercises you.”

The event was organized by the Voyageurs Area Council-Boy Scouts of America.

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