Northlanders Enjoy Warm First Day of Meteorological Spring Outside

Temps reach low 40s as people enjoy the lakeside in Canal Park.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sunday was the first day of Meteorological Spring, the three month period of March, April and May which meteorologists use to calculate seasonal statistics.

It sure felt like Spring here in the Northland, as temperatures got as high as 42 degrees in Duluth. So people got outside in Canal Park enjoying the melting lake and sunshine, as we head into what could be the warmest stretch of the year so far.

“I’m excited that it’s warming up , everything’s melting, it’s nice to see the snow kind of go away,” said Niqkee Whittet.

Canal Park was buzzing for the first day of Meteorological Spring, as people got outside and enjoyed a day out by the lake. Even though the weather in the Midwest, particularly in the Northland can vary widely in March, meteorologists still consider it the start of a transition season.

The Whittets took their barely year-old puppies out for a sunny walk.

“This is their first time in Canal,” Mrs. Whittet said.

“Considering cabin fever sets in so there’s not much to do in the wintertime so it’s nice to get out and enjoy it while you can.”

The warm air made an already special day even more special for Niqkee. “I love it, considering it’s my birthday. So it kinda worked out because it’s not normally this nice in March, especially for here,” she said.

Ice cracked and hissed, melting and shifting on Lake Superior.

A welcome sound on the first day of March, signaling that spring is right around the corner. And based on how the next week is looking, maybe we’ll get lucky this year and sail smoothly into summer.

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