Split Rock’s New Live-In Manager and Family Enjoying the View from their New Home

Hayes Scriven grew up visiting the North Shore of Minnesota and says it has taken a while for his new job to sink in.

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – In Split Rock Lighthouse’s 110-year history, there have been more than thirty families who have lived on its grounds.

Recently, Hayes Scriven took over from Lee Radzak who was the previous manager for more than 36 years.

Scriven, his wife, and two kids moved to the grounds at the beginning of February to the grounds of the lighthouse after Scriven left his job as executive director of the Richard I. Bong Veterans Center.

Scriven grew up visiting the North Shore of Minnesota and says it has taken a while for his new job to sink in.

“I applied for the job just on a whim because a job like this just doesn’t open up. They gave me a call and he says so we’d like to offer you the job I was like what are you kidding me and it was just one of those things that was kind of like I can’t believe it was happening,” said Scriven.

As the site manager, he oversees all aspects of the historical site.

From program development to even snow blowing he says each day holds something different.

“There’s so much possible here that we can really make a difference in how we interpret the North Shore history and interpret Split Rock even more and make it more of a personal experience for people and just really try to spread that North Shore magic for everyone who comes up,” says Scriven.

Part of his tasks are to make sure the grounds are secure by taking long walks around the perimeter.

“The quietness in the evenings and in the mornings too it’s so peaceful up here. I just walk around the grounds in awe like I can’t believe I’m watching over this stuff,” says Scriven.

Scriven and his family moved up to make sure they were there the morning of his son’s ninth birthday.

“I had a perfect view of the lighthouse from my room I was really excited it was my first day here,” said Scriven’s son, Deven, who is nine years old.

Scriven wanted to give his kids an upbringing that is unique and make sure he fosters a love for the outdoors and history.

“I like living at Split Rock I didn’t think I would be able to and I really wanted to one day.” “I like it because I get to be next to the lake,” said Devin.

Another perk? Scriven gets to work just a few steps from where he lives.

“Yeah I always say whenever mom says dad is still at work I say he’s at home mom says no he’s not and I say yeah he is because he’s at Split Rock it makes me really happy,” said his son Devin.

The journey and adventure aspect is what Scriven is looking forward to and how no day is the same.

For now, he is excited about preparing for the busy summer ahead.

“It’s truly an honor and I can’t believe this is happening,” said Scriven.

The grounds are relatively quiet in the winter, but Hayes and his family are preparing for the more than 160,000 people who will be walking through their backyard this summer.

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