A Local Daycare Center Stays On Top Of Keeping Kids Healthy Amid Coronavirus Concerns

"All we can do is do our very best on a daily basis to try and stay as healthy as possible," said Director Nancy Thomas.

DULUTH, Minn. – As the Coronavirus continues to be a big problem and children being more vulnerable to illnesses,
the potential for a spread of the virus brings up the question of what daycare facilities are doing to protect children.

Happy Time Day Care Center in Duluth is an accredited facility.

This holds them to a higher standard to protect children’s health, especially now with a major concern about the coronavirus potentially spreading throughout the U.S.

Generally, state-licensed daycares aren’t required to keep top-notch health and safety practices.

Due to Happy Time’s accreditation, they must stay up-to-date and implement a common protocol.

To help stay as germ-free as possible, kids at Happy Time wash their hands multiple times a day including as soon as they arrive as well as before and after all meals.

Staff also do daily wellness checks to make sure they are aware of a child’s health.

If a child is sick, they jump right into place to isolate the illness as quickly as possible.

“With a pandemic or something that’s going to be a huge outbreak, which it could be like with the Coronavirus, all we can do is do our very best on a daily basis to try and stay as healthy as possible,” said Director Nancy Thomas.

One of their main approaches to keeping kids healthy is by deep cleaning and sanitizing the facility one to two times daily following a major illness such as the flu.

For better security, Happy Time also conducts a monthly analysis to keep track of spikes in illnesses within the facility to help find better ways to address an outbreak.

As a reminder, it is suggested parents keep their kids home when they are sick.

This will help prevent the spread of any illnesses.

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