Marshall Hardware Out of Masks Amid Coronavirus Worries

DULUTH, Minn.– Marshall Hardware in Duluth is seeing some of the effects of coronavirus worries.

People have been coming into the store on East Superior Street to buy soap and hand sanitizer more than usual and respiratory masks are in high demand as well.

Marshall Hardware staff says they have been out of masks for at least a month because people were buying in bulk. This comes as the CDC says the masks aren’t even effective in preventing the coronavirus.

It’s causing a shortage to hospital patients who need them and even local contractors.

“Most of the contractors coming in, they have asked if we have them and they’ve stopped at many other places asking if they have them and said they’re out of them as well. And same kinda question. ‘When are you gonna get them?’ I don’t know.”

The CDC does say a face mask should be used by someone who shows symptoms or has coronavirus to help prevent the spread to others.

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